Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Saree Blouse (Without Block)

Tired of flat pattern cutting?

Like to learn about make your own saree blouse without making a paper block?
Then this Book is for you.

The book uses another methods in dressmaking, of course unless you are novice to dressmaking field you probably heard of block-less or pattern-less cutting or Oriental pattern cutting. It is widely used in pattern making filed especially tailors, because its ability of make patterns without creating flat pattern first.

In this method, you NEVER use paper for drafting the pattern; instead you mark or draft the pattern directly on to the fabric using tailors chalk or pencil.

Here is the table of content of this Book TAILORING METHOD OF PATTEN CUTTING AND DRESSMAKING FOR WOMEN BOOK I-  Saree Blouse

Table of Content
Pattern Cutting Equipments
Dressmaking Supplies
Taking Measurements

Measurements For Saree Blouse

The Perfect-Fit Bra

How To Find Perfect Fit Bra

The Personal Measurement Chart
Seam Allowance Instructions
The Fabric



Preparing the fabric

Pin Basting

Hand Basting
Facing ,Lining and Interfacing
Gathers & Pleats
Basic Stitches

Stitches By Hand

Machine Stitches
Finishing Open Seams

Ways To Finish Open Seams



Buttons With Buttonholes Or Loops

Lacing & Grommets/Loops

Hooks & Eyelets
Preparing The Fabric To Draft
Drafting The Basic Saree Blouse

Basic Bodice Front Block

Basic Bodice Back Block

Basic Sleeve Block
Constriction Of Garment
Necklines & Collars

Round Neckline

Square Neckline



Chinese Collar

Nawlty Coul

Off The Shoulder

Cold Shoulder

Puff Sleeve

Cap Sleeve

Flared Sleeve

Sleeve Wth Flared Section
Variations Of Saree Blouses

Sleeveless Saree Blouse

Cutaway Saree Blouse

Cutaway Type I

Cutaway Cut Type II

Cutaway Cut Type III

Open Shoulder Saree Blouse
Appendix A

More Pattern Ideas For Saree Blouses

(22 Saree Blouse styles)
Appendix B

Made Up Kandyan (Osariya)

SO, Why spend   US $ 12.50 -25.00 for a ONE saree blouse which rarely delivered on  time and not satisfy you,  when YOU Can make MANY DESIGNS on your own with full satisfaction??? Order you Book NOW!

Alternatively you can make endless saree blouse patterns using scientific method i.e using blocks, click here for more information 

Happy Sewing!!