Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Taking Measurements For Women’s Clothing

The first step in making any type garment is to take accurate body measurements.

It is very important to take measurements correctly to draft a pattern for make dresses. You should ask a person to take your measurements if you are to make your own patterns (even though it is not always easy to round up an assistant when you need one).

Moreover, it is advisable to take measurements in front of full length a mirror, so you can make sure you (or assistant) take measurements accurately. 

Around The Body Measurements :

Horizontal Measurements:

Vertical Measurements:

Other :


Crutch length

Body rise (depth of the crutch)

Trunk length

Place a one-inch wide belt or pin a piece of firm, non-stretchy ribbon or trim snugly around your waist and adjust it to your natural waistline. This will serve as a guide when taking your waist measurement and front- and back-waist lengths. Especially if you’re working alone,  so you can check that the tape is level for each measurement.

When taking measurement make sure not to hold the measuring tape too tight across the body, instead hole it loosely when taking measurements around the body. Furthermore, all the horizontal measurements must take parallel to the floor.

These Videos Will Give You An Idea About Taking Measurements….