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The Saree Blouse

Attire for woman means, style, grace and beauty (and much more !!!).

Without doubt, fitting the woman’s body is probably the single greatest sewing challenge and it often keeps sewers from creating the number and variety of clothes that they would really love of having or making. Getting a pattern to fit the way you want is one of the keys to achievement for any garment.

Saree…..or sari ….. A very sensuous of outfits, no doubt ……and believe that it adorn a woman to become modest and gorgeous in it. It is the perfect dress to flaunt those proportions as it exposes the waist of a woman and give emphasis to the waist and bust with the pleated material.

Thus,  Saree….. can hide so much, yet, reveal the important ratios. It is very difficult for women to look bad in a Saree. If she not properly chooses the type of jacket/blouse , Saree color and properly drapes the Saree.

The Saree is usually worn over a petticoat (pavada/pavadai in the south, and shaya in eastern India and Sri Lanka) with a blouse or jacket known as a choli or ravika (in India) or saree hattaya (in Sri Lanka) forming the upper garment.

Without doubt Ill-fitted Saree jacket shatters the lovely drape of the saree.

Like bra pattern cutting Saree blouse pattern cutting is quite difficult, given that, the Saree blouse is a close fitting garment and must shape the upper body that it supposed to feel like a second skin.

 The Saree Blouse   is based on Scientific Method of pattern cutting. i.e flat pattern cutting. This Method is widely used in pattern making filed because its ability of making complicated patterns as well as its accuracy of sizing.

So even you are a novice to pattern drafting and dressmaking field, you will learn how to make a perfect saree blouse/jacket for your own styles once you master the basic drafting of the saree blouse pattern in first few pages in this Book. Then you will learn more patterns that suite to many designs, and you can create endless number of patterns/designs, using them.

You Get 23 Variations Of Saree Blouse Patterns  Plus 22 Saree Blouse Styles And Made-Up Kandyan Saree Pattern  In This Book

Inside this book you will find….

Table of Content

Pattern Cutting Equipments

Dressmaking Supplies

Taking Measurements

Measurements For Saree Blouse

The Perfect-Fit Bra

How To Find Perfect Fit Bra

The Personal Measurement Chart

Seam Allowance Instructions

The Fabric





Pin Basting

Hand Basting

Facing ,Lining and Interfacing

Gathers & Pleats

Basic Stitches

Stitches By Hand

Machine Stitches

Finishing Open Seams

Ways To Finish Open Seams




Buttons With Buttonholes Or Loops

Lacing & Grommets/Loops

Hooks & Eyelets

The Basic Saree Blouse Blocks

Basic Bodice Front Block

Basic Bodice Back Block

Basic Sleeve Block

The Perfect-Fit Saree Blouse

Fit On Problems Associate With Basic Blocks

Constriction Of Foundation Garment

Alterations To Basic Bodice Blocks

Upright Body

Stooping Body

Wide Neck Line

Tight Neck Line

Front Neck Too Loose

Shoulder Seamline Is Not In Position

Square Shoulder

Sloping Shoulder

Prominent Shoulder Front

Prominent Shoulder Back

High Bust

Low Bust

Hollow Chest

Dowager Hump

Large Bust

Loose Arm Hole Front

Loose Arm Hole Back

Tight Arm Hole

Slim Arm

Large Arm

Sleeve-Head Too High

Sleeve-Head Too Short

Tight Base Of Sleeve

Loose Base Of Sleeve





Under Arm                       



Center Front 

Dartless Front

Dartless Back

Final Adjustments

Bodice Block Front

Bodice Block Back

The Sleeve




Necklines & Collars

Round Neckline

Square Neckline



Chinese Collar

Nawlty Coul

Halter Neck Line

Off The Shoulder 
Cold Shoulder
Gathered Front


Puff Sleeve

Cap Sleeve

Flared Sleeve

Sleeve Wth Flared Section

Variations Of Saree Blouses

Sleeveless Saree Blouse

Cutaway Saree Blouse

Cutaway Type I

Cutaway Cut Type II

Cutaway Cut Type II

Bra Cut Saree Blouse

Bra Cut Type I

Bra Cut Type II

Bra Cut Type III

Open Shoulder Saree Blouse

Open Shoulder Type I

Open Shoulder Type II

Open Shoulder Back I, II, III

The Tube Saree Blouse

Appendix A

More Pattern Ideas For Saree Blouses

(22 Saree Blouse styles)

Appendix B

Made Up Kandyan (Osariya)

So, Why spend   US $ 12.50 -25.00 for a ONE saree blouse which rarely delivered on  time and not satisfy you, when YOU Can make MANY DESIGNS on your own with full satisfaction??? Order your book NOW!!!!

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Happy Sewing!!!